Book of Poems
A collection of poetry selected from Poem a Day.
Sex Without Tears, 1972
Through his intimate experience with the physical, emotional and social problems of his patients, Dr Boyd Cooper became a proponent of women’s rights. He became a pioneer in the research of the contraceptive pill and an activist for reform of abortion laws. In Sex Without Tears he illustrates how understanding and common sense can help prevent many personal tragedies. He gives honest, easily understood advice on contraception, unwanted pregnancy, abortion, adoption, being a single mother, early teen and later life sexual relations and the ever changing standards of marriage.
Unlikely Hero, 2008
At nineteen Jim leaves the sanctity of his little Mormon town to fight in World War II. He becomes a lead navigator in the army air corps and during his many combat missions over Germany, becomes a highly decorated officer. Jim is lost. Suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and feeling responsible for the death of his comrades, he is unable to accept his hero’s welcome. In the middle of a snowstorm he tries to find refuge in the mountains of Idaho. He goes in search of his childhood love, instead he find himself.

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Four Strings And A War, 2017

An Italian boy destined to become a world class violinist becomes entangled in the complications of war torn Europe. The struggles of World War II and death are only pacified by the beauty of music and the taste of true love.

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Hollywood Between The Stirrups, 2018
Sprinkled with stars, medical breakthroughs and history, Hollywood Between the Stirrups is an autobiographical account of Boyd Cooper’s 50 years in Hollywood as gynecologist to the stars.

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