Boyd Cooper M.D. grew up in a simple country home in Idaho. He was highly decorated as a navigator in World War II. Putting himself through medical school Boyd headed for Hollywood where he became a successful OBGYN, and “gynecologist to the stars”. His first book was published in 1972, Sex Without Tears, and received rave reviews in The New York Times. It sold around the world and was published in three languages. After retiring Boyd found a passion for writing poetry and started a poem-a- day on his Facebook page. Boyd became a fictional writer in 2008 with the publication of Unlikely Hero, a semi autobiographical account of his return from World War II. In 2016 Boyd published Four Strings And A War. In 2017 Boyd will release a follow up to his successful Sex Without Tears, called Hollywood Between The Stirrups. He has five children, 11 grandchildren and 4 great-grand children. Boyd lives in the Hollywood Hills.